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【VRoid Beta】 How to rename hairstyles

This article teach you how to use VRoidStudio Beta version. It doesn't teach how to use VRoidStudio stable version(v1.0).


I'll explain how to rename hairstyles created with VRoid Studio in this article.



Version and OS

・VRoidStudio v.0.11.1


You can name VRoid's hairstyles only"preset(number)"

VRoid Studio has a function to save hairstyles.

It's difficult to find it later when you want to use a saved hairstyle. Don't you think so?

The reason why is their names are "preset01" or "preset02", isn't it?

I'm going straight to the point, you can't rename anything except "preset(number)". However, you can change only the number of "preset(number)".

Example:How to change "Preset 36" to "Preset 35"?

1. Open the folder called "hair_presets"

It's in "C:\Users\Owner\AppData\LocalLow\pixiv\VRoidStudio\hair_presets".

2. Right Click the folder"preset36"and click"rename"

3. Enter"preset35"

4. Completed

If you repeat to make hairstyles and delete some of them, their preset numbers don't line up beautifully. You can correct the number this way. Personally, I'd like to be able to give names like "long hair" and "curly hair," but it was not reflected if I tried.

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