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(VRoidStudio Beta)I started the VRoidStudio course for super beginners

This article teaches you how to use VRoidStudio Beta version. It doesn't teach how to use VRoidStudio stable version(v1.0).


I started "VRoidStudio Course for super beginners" on this blog. Click the list of articles.




What's VRoid in the first place

Below is a quote from the official website.

pixiv is based on the philosophy of “building an exciting space for users to enjoy creative activities” and aims to create a world where everyone can participate in creative activities and enjoy them. The VRoid Project aims to deliver an environment where everyone can have their own 3D characters and enjoy creating works using those characters as well as interacting in a VR/AR space.
As the demand for creators who can work with 3D content increases, the supply has not caught up yet. In the future, with the expansion of VR and AR, 3D works will become even more common and the demand for 3D creators is expected to further increase.

We want anyone to be able to create 3D content.

We want to use the power of technology to support those imaginative creators who already mastered expressive abilities in the new challenge that is 3D content creation.

This is the core concept of the VRoid project.

Source:"About VRoid"

In short, VRoid is a service that allows even amateurs to easily create 3D avatars

VRoid has several services.

VRoid Mobile is an application that allows you to create avatars with smartphone apps (however, the created avatar cannot be downloaded by the author, and it can be used only with partner apps. *As of May 2020)

VRoid Hub is a service that you can show your avatars on the Internet.

And VRoidStudio is a service to create your own avatars.

Why I started the course for super beginners of VRoid Studio?

That's because VRoid Studio was more difficult than I expected.

It is said to be "software that makes avatars easy" because you can make avatars without specialized knowledge of 3D modeling.

It's just "easy compared to conventional software".

Paint software is needed to make avatar clothes with VRoid Studio, but I had never used it before and I can't draw illustration. It's very difficult for me to use VRoidStudio and paint software.

It was not a matter of making clothes skills.
"How do I do this operation !? I do not know VRoidStudio at all!"

These situations has occurred many times.

In VRoid, parts such as eyes, skin, and clothes are called "textures" (though I don't think this explanation is accurate).

It wasn't a matter of creating texture for me.

"I don't know the way to do A ! I also don't know the way to do B ! I don't know how to use VRoidStudio at all!"
I was worried.

I think that people who arI started "VRoidStudio Course for super beginners" on this blog.e new to VRoidStudio and those who have just started may be stumbling on the same things, so I decided to write the methods on my blog.

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