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【VRoid Beta Female】How to put underwear on the base model

This article teach you how to use VRoidStudio Beta version. It doesn't teach how to use VRoidStudio stable version(v1.0).

f:id:satorepo:20210228224526j:plain I'll explain how to put underwear on a VRoid female avatar to readers who think it's a problem that they wear no underwear thought they have their avatars base model(naked body) and put clothes on them.

I insert a picture of the base model ,a naked female avatar, because it is absolutely necessary for explanation.

Version and OS

VRoidStudio v0.11.1


How to do

【Advance preparation】Download "Welcome School Uniform 2019" from a shop"VRoid Project" on BOOTH


This is a shop run by VRoid Studio developer. It contains an uniform of different colors and a skin texture in only underwear. (The way to download is omitted)

1. Click "Clothing Editor" → "Preset" → "Base Model"

2. Click "Body Editor"→ "Texture"

Look at the right side of this image. No underwear is drawn because it's a base model.

3. Click "Layer" →"Import"

4. Open the folder of "Welcome School Uniform 2019"

Click"体型_下着.png(Body_Underwear.png)" and "Open"


Look at the right side of this image. Blue and yellow check bras and panties were drawn.

(Bonus)How to put a pair of new socks

In 3, you can put a pair of white socks if you import "体型_下着+靴下セット.png(Body_Underwear+Socks Set.png)"

When I put "Welcome School Uniform 2019" on my avater I was confused because I didn't know how to take off the black high socks. That's why I explain it.

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