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【VRoid Beta Clothes & Shoes】You can change colors of clothes and shoes by only setting paramaters on VRoidStudio

This article teaches you how to use VRoidStudio Beta version. It doesn't teach how to use VRoidStudio stable version(v1.0).


You can change the color(Base Color, Shade Color) of clothes and shoes on VRoidStudio by only setting parameters.

(Some clothes have restrictions of colors)

I'll introduce them. (I'm sorry that these screenshots are in Japanese but you'll be able to understand how to change colors)

Version and OS

・VRoidStudio ver.0.9.2


List of clothes and shoes whose colors can be changed only by parameters

1. (with restrictions) Uniform (tops)

You can change the color of the uniform's tops but it has restrictions like these below.

Not only the white part of the shirt but alsothe vest's colorswill be changed together.

Because the vest is originally colored, it can't be changed to a lighter color than the original one.

1-1. (with restrictions) Uniform's skirt & trousers

(Uniform's skirt)

(Uniform's trousers)

1-2. (Limited) Uniform's ribbon & tie

(Uniform's ribbon)

(Uniform's tie)

1-3. Loafers(skirt) & loafers (pants)

You can make them black but can't change other colors.

(Loafers for skirt)

These shoes are loafers(pants). You can also make them only black, though I think "loafers (trousers)" are different colors (different types?) of "loafers(for skirt)".

2. 2. White clothes can change their colors without any restrictions.

2-1. Dress (all types)

As an example, an image of a long-sleeved dress with a different color is posted.

2-2. Long coat (all types)

As an example, an image with a different color of the long coat (high neck) is posted.

2-3. Pants (long coat / no creases)

The image is "pants (long coat)".

2-4. Mini T-shirt

2-5. T-shirt

2-6. Hoodie

2-7. Pencil skirt

3. You can change the color of white shoes without any restrictions

3-1. Shoes (Dress)

3-2. Pumps

3-3. Sneakers

3-4. Basketball Sneakers

3-5. High cut Sneakers

That's all.

Even beginners can easily enjoy changing the colors just by setting parameters, so try various colors.

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