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【VRoid Beta】How to make parts hidden with underwear transparent

This article teaches you how to use VRoidStudio Beta version. It doesn't teach how to use VRoidStudio stable version(v1.0).

f:id:satorepo:20210228225724j:plain To prevent avatars' upskirt and exposure of their chests, I'll explain how to make parts hidden with underwear transparent and invisible.

1. Take off your avaters' clothes and show underwear

1-1. Click "Clothing Editor"

1-2. Select "None" on Tops and Bottoms

The ribbon is still attached, but I will leave it as it is because it does not cause any problems.

If you want to put tops that show your shoulders on your avater, be sure to select "base model" from "preset".

2. Click "Body Editor"→"Texture"

Hold down "Shift" and left-click at the same time to move the avatar to a convenient place to work. Roll the mouse wheel from bottom to top to enlarge the avatar.

3. Take a backup of the skin texture

Omit it if you have already taken it. Right-click "Default Image" -> "Export" -> Name it and press the "Save" button.

4. Erase the underwear part of the skin texture with an eraser

4-1. Make sure "Default image" is selected

4-2. Click the eraser

4-3. Select the top one in "(Eraser) Shape"

4-4. Adjust brush parameter thickness and opacity

The thickness is 60 to make it easier to work. Value is your choice. Opacity is 100.

4-5. Erase the part you want to erase

It looks painted brown, but it's gone. You can see it by laying the avatar sideways like this.

Let's erase with an eraser from the buttocks.

It's easy to erase the unerased parts from the image on the right.

You can erase only the bottom. The purpose is to prevent upskirt, so you don't have to erase it cleanly.

4-6. Remove the bra in the same way (except the string)

Though I wrote in 1-1, If you don't need a string because you want to put on tops that show your avater's shoulders, Select "base model" from the presets after clicking "clothing editor",

5. Completed

I put school uniform on my avater. Select school uniform from Tops and Bottoms on the right of the screen. (Although I have not confirmed it) If you select "Uniform (skirt)" from the preset, the erased part may be restored.

You can prevent upskirt(since you deleted the shorts in the first place)

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