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Privacy Policy(English)

I write about the purpose of use of personal information, advertisements posted on this blog, affilliate Programs, access analysis tool, Cookie and changes to privacy policy.


The information on this blog is provided free of charge.
Unless otherwise noted, information in articles is as of the date of the first upload.

This blog makes every effort to write information as accurately as possible, but I do not guarantee the accuracy or safety of such information.
Incorrect information may be included or the information may be out of date.
Be sure to check the latest accurate information on the official website of each service provider.

The articles in this blog that describe some thoughts or opinions are written based on individual subjectivity, and do not apply to all people. It is your responsibility to make the final decision regarding the purchase of products or service.

I cannot answer questions about how to operate the software and apps.
I am not responsible for any troubles, losses, damages, etc. in using this blog.

I do not guarantee the legality, accuracy, morality, up-to-dateness, suitability, copyright permission or existence of the websites and services introduced by this blog.

If you move from this blog to another site via a link or banner, I will not be responsible for the information, services, etc. provided on the destination site.

In addition, this disclaimer and all articles posted on this blog may be changed or deleted without notice. Please note.

The copyright of the articles on this blog is not waived.
Unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted material such as text, images, videos, etc., that is present on this blog is prohibited.

(It is permissible to put a link to the top page or articles of this blog on the Internet such as your own website, blog, social media.
You don't need to apply to me to link. For more information, please read "Link")

I will take legal action for anything beyond the scope of the quote.
If you would like to reprint, please contact me from "Contact".

If you just write the source below the image, it will not be accepted as a quotation. It's reprint without permission.

I do not intend to violate copyright. The intellectual property rights of copyrighted materials belong to their respective authors/organizations.

If I receive warning and notification of correction or removal from the copyright owner, I will promptly deal with it or delete it.

I allow you to paste the link to this blog without contacting me.

We do not allow direct links to images or the use of inline frames.

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